The Enlightening Experience!

Date: 30th March – 4th May, 2016

Place: Tarkarli, 10 hrs from Pune.

It was a relatively cloudy day on 2nd May, the day I experienced a life changing event.

Along with Awesome sports and travels, I went to Tarkarli for camp with around 24 kids. We went for a 3 day trip,during which we saw Karli river and it’s the point where the river meets the sea. Close to it was a tsunami island, so named, because of a massive tsunami in 2004, which led to formation of a heap of sand in the middle of nowhere, forming an island. On that particular island, the local entrepreneurs have developed their business of jet ski, banana ride, bumper ride etc. The place is easy to reach and beautiful rides are safe and worth taking a spin and available at a very affordable price.

We stayed in a resort called Vasant Vihar, which was more like a house stay. It came with good rooms, tasty food and an awesome view. It is located 1km away from the beach. You can go for a walk on the beach anytime you want.

On May 2nd, we went to the shores of the beach where a boat was waiting for us, to take us to the beautiful deep waters where we would be experiencing scuba diving. After a long wait when we reached the location, the instructors explained to us the procedure of diving. The instructor tied some weights on my stomach to help enable sinking easily and then another instructor in the water gave lessons and taught signs necessary under the water. The instructor and me went underwater to witness the most magnificent world which resided beyond our reach. It was most amazing and breathtaking. The silence underwater dominated my ears and my eyes beheld the visions which indented my memory with a wonder.

On surfacing I realised that silence can be so touching,among all the loud noises in the world. A huge smile on my face dawned that a life changing event has etched in my autobiography.

21 thoughts on “The Enlightening Experience!

  1. Good effort!!! Your thought process has amazing clarity, crispness and a freshness that beckons the reader. Hope to hear again soon about the latest trips.


  2. Hi Shaheen, lovely blog. Makes me curious to read about that other trip you made and where you were submerged into a different culture. I recall the smile on your face when you surfaced from that experience…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great piece of writing Shaheen.You enjoyed a lot is pretty evident! Eagerly waiting to hear more from you πŸ™‚


  4. Hi Shaheen,
    Nice to read about your travels, you seem to lead an interesting life! Good that visiting countries and travelling still is one of your interests,
    regards from Nicole Verhoeve


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