We landed at night in the Nawabi city, Hyderabad. Excitement being on the epitome we hurried to the taxi stand, which would take my mom, my sister and me to our beloved brother.

Waving with the most wonderful smile on his angelic face, Shehzaan was sitting at a table with few people, having his dinner. Amidst his dinner he got up and greeted us with the most warmest hug one could ever give. After uniting with Shehzaan, we sat to have our dinner. We let mummy decide the menu. As an Andhraiet she knew what to order and also as everyone knows, “mum’s know the best.” There was one very odd thing which amused us all were the reactions we received from the waiters on how little we ordered, collectively. We ordered only one plate of rice with no rotis. He was insisting that we order for more but he did know how little we ate. As we suspected, we couldn’t even finish the one plate of rice we had ordered for. The reaction from the waiter left us in enigma.

After we finished our dinner we headed to the army mess where our stay was arranged. Enjoying the chats with the driver, we did not even know when we reached our destination. The officers’ mess was an Emperors kingdom. It was like we were celebrities and the room was just for us. We felt royal. Rejoicing in the small kingdom, the royalties fell asleep.

Luxuriating in the room and dancing too, we left the empire around 12:00. It was way to difficult to get a cab in that part of the city. Ola did not work too. Being four of us we had to somehow squeeze into one auto. As a result I sat half outside the auto, saving my back each time the auto got close to any other vehicle. It was fun though and my back was sore! If you understand what I mean! 😉 In that condition we somehow managed to reach the Paradise Square. Turning away from the divine smell of biryani,  my sister and me went on a camera charger hunt. Meanwhile my mother sat for applying henna and Shehzaan accompanied her. After all this we went to Janta market but nothing fruitful came from that trip. Walking in the streets of the city, a sense of peace and harmony dawned on us. In this multi-cultured Nawabi city, everyone co-existed peacefully and Hyderbadi’s were helpful too. A fact which then came into light was that Hyderabad was the 3rd safest city in India. Now we knew why.

Hungry we returned to the Paradise Square. Where we finally treated our taste buds with chicken and biryani. Glancing at the table beside ours we saw four women. In their plates was a heap of biryani being served. At that very moment we understood the mysterious reactions we received from the waiters.

Finishing the best meal of the day, we headed off to our kingdom. Again in an auto, with my back sore. We stayed there till it was finally time for us to leave for the next destination. In the city of Nawabs we were treated like Nawabs and Begums. The essence of royalty was truly present while we were in the city. From the room being the small kingdom to the food straight from the Paradise, everything added to the wow factor of this visit.


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