It is the continuation of the poem Demons.

A New Beginning

With dusty winds blowing in front of her, she struggled to break through.

She fought the dirty wind of the world, she fought the people who scorned her.

She strived to step away from the darkness that followed her for years.

She strived to reach the light she saw at a distance, but was still so close.

She had too much of the cold, she had had enough winter.

She lay down on the ground just before the ray of sun: tired, lifeless!

She could see the sun, but could not feel it; she could see the wonders of the world but could not touch them; she could see her better self, but could not become.

She had lost, she thought, she could not go any further!

She lay still for a while, without any movement, without even a breath!

She found every ounce of her strength and leaped toward the light she craved.

She leaped towards the summer she craved.

With Eyes crystal clear from the tears, with the heat of the sun on her skin, with velvet grass under her feet and with fresh smell of flowers…

A New Beginning awaited her

A New Beginning was ready for her!

– Shaheen

Thank you!

Hope you all enjoyed it!

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