Lost Hopes


There is no background as such, it was just a thought process.

Hope you enjoy it

Lost Hopes

I lie like the dead sea, still, lifeless.

The night sky, full of stars, full of hope.

Lingers above me.

But I lie still, just like, the dead sea.

The sun rises, it shines,

Here comes tomorrow,

Here comes endless new possibilities

Here comes the summer

But I lie still, still, just like yesterday.

I sit at the window

Looking at the seasons pass,

The rains, washing away the dust,

The autumn stripping the trees naked

The spring, blooming the flowers

But I lie still, just like the trunk, watching the days go by.

Is there no hope?

No hope for a better tomorrow?


Hope for me,

Is like the rain in a drought

Like a silver lining on the darkest cloud.

Like a light at the end of tunnel

Hope is what I need, it’s the sun that I need.

My faith in good is lost

My faith in a better tomorrow is lost

There is no strength

To carry on, to see thing through to go on.

How to rise above this?

How to go on without faith?

How to go on without hope?

Because I still lie like the dead sea, lifeless, don’t know how to go on…..

– Shaheen.

2 thoughts on “Lost Hopes

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  1. I feel for the palestinians and thought it would be good to put my thoughts on paper. Hope you like it.

    Stop the fighting – by Lucky

    Its raining bombs, How can humanity just stand by

    While idf terrorists do everything to kill and maim

    Innocents kids at schools and home , while we stand by

    Dont they feel the guilt and shame

    Acting like their nemesis the gestapo and SS

    The israeli forces dont hesitate to harass and suppress

    Peace and calm in a land thats blessed with charm

    Fighting each other till death reunites them above

    So they can watch the destruction they cause and repent

    Abraham would be ashamed of the sons that he made

    Spreading violence from every way they came

    If this is the promise of the promised land

    Give me slavery by a foreign hand

    So our children wont learn to hate and defile

    Each others religions for god is our guide

    May take another life to learn to share and divide

    Our mothers precious bounty of land so divine

    So stop the fighting and break the fences that split and seperate

    Two brothers families that need to love and integrate

    If god has taught you anything it is to share and give

    This is after all just one life to live

    So dont just stand by and watch the killing of our friends

    Fight back through prayers, support and intelligence

    Idf terrorists still funded by politics and cents

    Stop the funding and you cut off their maleficence

    So stop the funding and lets start anew

    For innocent lives are being lost while you think this through

    Stop the fighting. Peace


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