How to Do What you Love: A Perspective

We always hear Do What makes you Happy! We have heard this several times and sometimes multiple times in a day. But lets just wait for a second and take a deeper look into it.

First things first, yes you should do what makes you happy and more of what gives you pleasure. But have you decided for yourself what makes you happy or gives you pleasure?

I recently read a quote on Instagram, if you follow me there you must have read it as well which goes like – “Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.” (hobby by definition is something that you do for pleasure.)

Lets take few examples here. I know a photographer. I would like to let him be anonymous here. Knowing his story I know he is in a job that he absolutely does not love. What he finds pure pleasure in is clicking photographs. Over adulting he had left it and now picked up again.  The point here being, everything you do, does not need to make you money, sometimes you just do it for pure pleasure.

Now in this world there are people who are lucky enough to find and make money out of what they love. (Frankly they are quite annoying)

I am taking someone huge as an example here- Steve Jobs (CEO and Co-Founder of Apple Inc. and Pixar Animation). Everybody knows him and everybody knows his basic story.

Let’s look a little deeper.

Steve Jobs was a man who was lucky enough to do what he loved, and has become a center of everyone’s much deserved admiration because of it. But have you ever thought why? No, not because he was lucky and no not because he was the first, it’s because he had 2 things in his life sorted, pure love and courage. He had pure love and respect for his talent, though he did not understand it at first and when he did he had the courage to accept it and break away from the conventional methods and go after what it. Even after getting fired from his own company he still had love and respect for what he did and had the courage to pursue it to open Pixar which is equally well earning and successful.

Major take away from this is to have courage and pure love for what you do, to actually do it, without expecting anything at all in return. The day you expect something back is the day you stop having that pure love.

And Maybe someday you will be lucky enough to make a career out of it. There are always opportunities and possibilities. Never shun them.

Now, How to find what you Love?

Let’s take an example of another story, this time someone not popular at all. ME.

I love writing, and I have kind of family genes for writing, my paternal side and my maternal side both have writers in them. Never published, never out there in the world but they did write and they wrote a lot. Very early on, about in 7th or 8th grade I started to write my own novel. I loved it. It was stupid don’t get me wrong but I loved to write it. It was a love story and at that age we were all blown by the fickleness of our heart and thought of every crush as the love of our lives. I enjoyed writing it. I took an old notebook and a pen and carried it with me wherever I went because I did not want anybody to see it. As I grew up I forgot about and that notebook which was so dear to me and eventually lost it somewhere. But one thing that was very fascinating in my life now that I look back to it  is that I knew I love writing and I knew I loved elaborate writing. Connecting the dots,  now that I come to think of it I never completely left writing, there was always something or the other that I kept doing towards it. When I started adventure traveling, just out of pure love I started sharing my experiences in writing on Facebook. This led to me starting my own blog. Which eventually turned into a YouTube channel. Don’t get me wrong here, I still love owning my own YouTube channel but the process of making the scripts gave me more pleasure. (I have more scripts in my possession than videos). Over the years something or the other kept bringing me back to writing without me even realizing it some earned me money, some gave me exposure and experience and some gigs were for pure pleasure. The pure love for writing gave me courage to started my blog again.

Take away from this; listen to yourself, understand what is that keeps attracting you over and over again, and don’t shun that idea because of society or because its not the right time. There is never a right time. You just have to begin.


Start to do more of what to love today, start small. If you love photography, start clicking pictures with whatever device you have, don’t postpone it to when you will own a fancy camera. If you love to dance, play music at home and dance like nobody is watching, if you love dressing up, do it. Love to bake/cook then bake/cook, it does not have to be good, it just has to be about the pleasure of creation.

Start Small, Start Today, START NOW!


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