Let’s Talk Personal Growth

“There is nothing noble in being superior to another man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” Ernest Hemingway

We get extremely busy with our daily routine, waking up in the morning, getting to that particular job or class on time, beating the traffic, coming back home to “relax” (which we hardly do, either we are busy cleaning or yelling) and sleeping. These are normal things, and to some level, these are quite important to live and survive in this world. A job is important to place a roof over our heads, to feed ourselves and to have clothes on our bodies.

What we don’t realize in this heavy routine, that it is just a means to an end. We are not in this life to wake up, work, and go to sleep. We are here to live, to travel, we are here for a purpose and most importantly we are here to make our life worthwhile.

That job, that class, that house, that spouse, that partner, everything has its own time, what is yours will always come to you, meanwhile, why do we strive to achieve these things, why don’t we take a step back and strive to achieve the most important thing– personal growth! Why don’t we just take 3 deep breaths and try to be better than what we were yesterday, be it in any aspect of life? Why don’t we just actually try to chillax?!

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success if found in your daily routine.” – John C. Maxwell

  1. Read! Read! Read!

Reading is an important aspect of change. We need not read a novel or a self- help book right away, but we can start by reading short stories, newspapers or for that matter blogs or Instagram posts. But we need to start.

Reading keeps you away from mindlessness. Anything you read adds value to your thoughts, provides you with valuable insights and stimulates your mind into reflecting upon little things.

If you read fiction, it gives you the power of imagination, if you read a love story, it makes you want to strive for greatness, if you read a self-help book, it helps you grow in every aspect of life, and if you read something funny, it makes you smile!

No word ever written has ever been wasted, you either learn something or have a good day, but words, they make a difference, they broaden your horizon and thinking capacity in a way you never knew you possessed.
2. Keep Your body healthy!

Health is wealth. We all know that. In this time of heavy social media standard influence, we all want a body an influencer has. We want to starve ourselves to perfection. We want to achieve something we do not want.

Reflect upon it, and you will realize that you are starving yourself for the wrong reasons. This does not mean you leave everything, sit back and say that I am going to do nothing and let life pass by… I have personally had these thoughts and let me tell you, these are words straight from the devil’s mouth. Keeping your body healthy does not necessarily mean you burn your ass off in the gym and do things you normally wouldn’t do. Keeping your body healthy means being able to grow old to 80+ and still be able to hit the gym and climb the stairs. Staying healthy means, exercising and eating right in order to allow your body to stay immune from frequent ailments.

It does not mean you have to have a complete and amazing transformation by crash dieting, but taking one day at a time, feeling good about yourself and your progress and most importantly finding the will to stay consistent.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – St. Augustine

3. Traveling

Traveling is probably one of the most overrated ways of personal growth and for all the right reasons. Traveling broadens your mind like nothing ever does or will.

Let’s understand this with a situation.

Suppose, you have been living all your life with your family, in one house with the same surroundings. You are happy there is absolutely no problem at all. But one day, you get an opportunity to travel to a completely different country where the universal language (English) is rarely spoken.

If we dissect this situation, imagine traveling to a completely different nation, just picks you right out from your comfort zone and throws you face down into a completely foreign situation, where you have never been or imagined to be in. Once you are on that flight the anticipation of what’s to come begins. How to live, how to interact, how will you adapt to their ways. And as and when you start living in that situation you have to become like water, you have to adapt to their ways, understand their thinking, be open to their outlook of life, be accepting of everything you see around. Taken in the necessary and leave the rest as something learned.

Traveling far and wide has such a deep impact on your overall personality that you are either completely in love with your life, or strive to fill in the missing pieces.

4. Hobbies

Find three hobbies: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative.” – Anonymous

Hobbies are there to make your life easier. There is a saying, en empty mind is a devil’s house right? So when you get back home from that job you always wanted, to the house which you always wished for, but still you are not happy? Find a hobby, be it to keep you in shape, or to make you more creative. This will help you develop a skill you always looked forward to developing but life got in between every time. Having a hobby brings down your stress levels drastically, as you are doing something that you love and you have absolutely no obligation to excel in it. Its something you are doing for you and nobody else, there is a completely different joy in that.

5. Socializing

There are about 753.04 Crore people in this world as of 2017. Every face is different, every mind is different, every story is different. When you socialize or interact with people in any setting, not only there is a transfer of knowledge but there is a learning in what kind of a person you are and how you fit into this society. No loner has tapped into their full potential as a human being without interacting with another. Trust me, for a few years I have been that loner, and I had completely forgotten how to interact with people, how to behave or how to stay happy.

There is constant learning when you meet you, new people. The conversation however petty they might help you understand you better and the other person. You can understand what kind of people are there in this world, understand them from the stories they have to share, help them if need be or take help. A lot of kindness can be exchanged with a simple smile and a warm hello.

Socializing is not bad, it is not against society. Socializing helps you understand society better and how you want to live in it.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will these habits. Take each day as a new opportunity, learn from each day, note what’s needs to be changed and how and what can be done differently. Make visible efforts and strive for personal growth each day, because you deserve it!

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