How to Stay Sane in Quarantine

These are unprecedented times. Nothing in decades has ever created a situation we are presently in. Quarantine was somewhere deep in our dictionaries, only heard in fancy mystery thriller movies and that too quite rarely. We never knew we will be using it in our daily life more so actually living it.

So how do we stay sane in these unprecedented times, where everyone is Rapunzel, stuck in a tower waiting for a Prince Charming to rescue us all.. Well, I might not have the answer to when the Prince Charming will be coming, but I might have some tips on how we can all survive in our towers.

  1. Focus on the positive aspects

Remember, this situation is global, and it’s not just you. Think about Rapunzel, and be grateful..

Okay, on to some seriousness.

It’s very easy to dwell into negative thoughts and let it consume all of you, your mind, your actions, your attitude, just about everything. Negative thoughts creep into your mind, even if you don’t think about it, consciously make efforts to keep them at bay and focus on the positive aspects of this lock down. Because trust me, it is the way to be right now, and we don’t have much a choice.

So what are the positive aspects?

Think about all the times when we cribbed about how we just wanted to stay home, do nothing, just Netflix and chill (I mean the actual chill and not the adult meaning). Here is your time buddy, seize it. You get to have delicious home-cooked meals by your mother, which you have been craving for, forever. You finally get to experience how introverts live.

The most important aspect is that the Earth is finally breathing. Trust me, we all needed this kind of break, even Earth did.

2. Limit your time on social platforms

Scrolling through apps, while hopping onto different apps has become the number one way of how we waste time these days. Well, it has good and bad aspects of scrolling.

Every major news channel, entertainment channel, general awareness accounts are on social media. Scrolling through them keeps us up to date on what’s happening in the world. While that’s a good aspect of it, the worst effect is indulging way too much. I am guilty of it too, but indulging too much into the news and looking at other people doing things has a way of getting you down. It affects your mental health and increases self- doubt. And at this time, you don’t want either of them creeping in. They have to stay out.

Social media has a weird effect on our mood. Limiting your time means, staying away from things that could potentially get you into a disturbing mood. Don’t hesitate to unfollow, or even block accounts that incite self-doubt or bring in negative thoughts in you. Moreover, understand that it’s not their fault, and it’s not yours either, some actions are necessary for you, for your benefit.

3. Make Time for Yourself.

Right now it may seem like you have all the time in the world for yourself, but do you really?!

Since the lock down was implemented we all have been thinking about what all we are going to do, what are we going to accomplish, new things we are going to learn, it has become a productivity contest. But take a step back, breathe and chill.

When I say take time out for yourself, I necessarily don’t mean that we need to be doing something that interests us 24/7. When I say we need to take time out for ourselves I mean that we need to take time for our mental health. The most important concern in these days. If we don’t take that little time out for ourselves, for us to breathe, we may just lose track of ourselves completely.

During this time, you can take up anything that helps you keep sane. Which for me is doing exercise, I may crib about it in the beginning but when I start my daily work out, no moon or sun glows brighter than my face. Trust me. It could be as simple as sitting with yourself for sometime. Recognize it and put it in practice, because we are in double trouble, staying at home + staying with a lot of people in one place.

4. Start something you always have been putting off

This all the time in the world in our hands, is actually a really great time to start something that you have been putting off for, forever now.

The things that you said you will do when you have time, well now that you have got it, do it. As I said in the previous point, it is not a productivity contest. So don’t put pressure on yourself or force yourself to do it. It is not necessary to do something because of ‘all the time in the world’ that you have right now.

Most of us have developed a morning routine, everything is planned right from the time we wake up till the time we are off to bed, and all this schedule largely involves household work, or the work we do to earn our living. Amongst all of these chores we hardly get time for ourselves.

So when are you suppose to make time do start what you have been putting off?

Weekends are at your service my friend.

We don’t have weekend plans anymore, for obvious reasons. On weekends, no boss is constantly irritating us, household work can be finished afterwards, there is no hurry. Take out little time, it can just be a couple of hours, and start doing what you always wanted to. It could be couple hours in the morning, or just when everything is done and the kids are off to sleep, you can find some peace.

*Attention* this could be the same thing that helps you blow of steam. It could be a hobby that you had to give because of the rat races, or some skill that you always wanted to develop. Work with yourself, to make things better and easier for you.

For me, I am teaching myself how to wright with my left hand, and how to do a headstand. Jury is still our on both, but will keep you guys updated on the verdict.

Apart from all of this, most importantly accept the situation around you, and understand that the whole world is in this together. We are all going through the same situation and it is not permanent. Remind yourself on daily basis that this is temporary. We will come out on the brighter side of thips, sooner or later. Acceptance could pave the way for your calmness, and belief will get you through. So just keep breathing.

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