A little about me!
So, you want to know about me?
No worries.
My name is Shaheen. I am a 21 year-old student. My home town is Nagpur but I have been living in Pune for 7 years and counting. Travelling and History (subject) are my passion and something that I love deeply (even more than food! Imagine!).
Apart from being a traveller and constantly blogging about it I do have interest in singing, but make sure you never listen to me! Aspiring to be a writer or a History lecturer or even digging the earth to find some enigma, in some alien land I also wish to travel as much as I can and as far as I can (though I have no money. Yet!). Apart from being a talented writer (sarcasm, yet again!) I can also kind of play guitar and dance. Often found listening to music I am also a huge, huge procrastinator (sometimes even two times a day!)
Have an awesome day!!
All my Love! 🙂