Your Happiness Depends on Your Priorities.

I know I have written a lot of times about happiness, how to be happy and things that could make you happy, which all still stands relevant, but this is kind of summation of everything I have said in all my previous blogs. Well this could also be the result of me fixing the pieces … Continue reading Your Happiness Depends on Your Priorities.

Learning in Wild: Yercaud

Excited, nervous, scared and happy. My exact feelings when the train pulled out of the station with a jerk. I was travelling alone to Bangalore to attend a programme by Inme as a volunteer. Though there were many humans travelling with me but they were as much of a stranger to me as I was … Continue reading Learning in Wild: Yercaud

Darkness: The Divine Path

Light and dark, a simple concept of good and evil, happiness and sadness, knowledge and ignorance and so on. It is human nature that we always associate light with the good and darkness with the evil. We always use the statement "Let there be light." Have you ever wondered why? "Let there be Light" was … Continue reading Darkness: The Divine Path