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My decision to pursue the field of traveling came mainly from the incident that happened when I was about 10 years old. My family and I had gone for a vacation to Shimla, India. My family did not consist of just my father, mother, my sibling and me. It consisted of 25 more people. After reaching Shimla, we all had planned to trek to the nearest point and camp for the night. At the very beginning of the trek, one of my uncles’ told me and 6 other children that he would give us a chocolate when we return home, if we finish the trek without any help from the adults or riding on a horseback. Not only did I complete the trek without any assistance, I completed the trek first among the whole lot of 25 people. This small victory, ignited the passion of traveling in me, and the reward of the chocolate did not even matter.

My name is Shaheen which means a “Falcon or a high flying bird”. Standing true to my name, since the age of 10 or even before I was meant to fly and not rest in a cage, binding the wings that had already been aired. I was born in the morning of 6th July, 1997 in the city of Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. From there when I was a year old I had moved to Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. I had stayed there till I was 12 and we moved to Pune, Mahrashtra, India.

Currently residing in the educational hub of India, Pune I am a 20 year old student, doing my Bachelors Degree in Arts, majoring in History.

When I was about 15 years old, I had an opportunity to go the Netherlands and stay there for 12 days, with a local family and experience the culture. The school mainly gave this opportunity to the student who showed potential and worked hard for to grab what was knocking on the door. I worked hard day and night to complete the project given and won the opportunity to be a part of the cultural exchange programme called the EUMIND (Europe meets India) and I spent the most wonderful time with my host family, experiencing the Dutch Culture. Looking at the abilities and traits which I possessed, a teacher from my own school offered me a position of an instructor in his travel company called Awesome Travels and Sports. My love for outdoor and travel made me pick up every opportunity that came my way. I worked there for non-profit reasons for three consecutive years. From there I volunteered in a company called INME based in Delhi. With them I did four consecutive camps in one year, proving to be a people’s person and a valuable asset for the company and most importantly I was able to do rock climbing, rappling, bagpacking lectures, ropes course, kayaking and scuba diving.

Alongside the travel, writing about the adventures kept growing. My drive to pen down my experiences and share them saw me turn into an avid travel blogger when my close friends and acquaintances appreciated my work and encouraged me to keep narrating. This found me a place in a start-up company where I was able to pour life on pages and unfold the adventure for a larger audience. Communication became an important weapon for me to realize my dreams. Then enrolling for a Spanish class did come as a surprise to me as I knew that equipping myself in different languages, other than English, would not only be handy in my course subject, but would also give me an edge in my future travels.

All of this made has given me an opportunity to work for myself!

I am a freelance travel instructor. And I am a freelance content writer, web content developer and social media manager.