A soaring bird, learning how to fly —

I am an aspiring helper, with the purpose of building brands to tell stories that have an impact on one’s perspective rather than just making sales.  

I have a total of 2 years and 9 months of experience in the social media marketing field where I have worked with two agencies, an NGO and an online magazine. 

But I am more than just the qualifications on my paper.

Lot of my soft skills have been shaped because of the experiences I went  through in my life. Some of them include me travelling as a Trek Volunteer since I was 16 years old, where I learned about leadership in working reality, how to be a team player and how to build someone up to achieve their full potential. Talking about being 16, when I was that age, I participated in EUMIND, a cultural exchange programme, because of which I was able to explore the geography and culture of the Netherlands. 

I am a keen learner and believe in constantly learning and hence I have dabbled with learning guitar, speaking spanish and creating a ‘to be read’ list, but please don’t run away if I start singing a spanish song while playing guitar. 

What makes me different is the soft skill I bring to the table, be it working with the team to present a thought after pitch, be it understanding the client and the brand or be it being in the shoes of the target consumer, I may not be proficient at my hard skills, but learning never stops, right?