Experiencing Jim Corbett! The Misfit of Adventures!  Are you ready for a spin?

Date: 18th May, 2016 to 30th May, 2016.
Place: Delhi- Jim Corbett – Nainital – Ranikhet — Kausauni- Almora- Delhi.

Day 2 and 3 : Jim Corbett

The sound of the horn is what woke me up from my exhausted sleep from yesterday’s Delhi Darshan. The horn signified to move on for better adventures, which was Jim Corbett. The road to Jim Corbett was just exceptional. We passed Noida, Ghaziabad and Hapur all three being scenically very beautiful.

On road the silent sound of heritage songs are what kept me entertained other than watching outside the window. Where everyone in the tempo traveller slept soundly except for the driver, I gave my eyes a wonderful treat of enlightening visions which passed by. After around 5 hours of tedious travelling we reached a small town named Ramnagar, where the wildlife sanctuary of Jim Corbett was located.

Our stay was at Kumaon regimental farm around 45 minutes before the actual city of Ramnagar. Among the beautiful tree gardens were located small cottages, looked after and maintained by the army regiments. After half an hour of rest we headed for an evening trip of Jim Corbett. Excited, we rented two gypsies which took us inside the jungle. Little did we know that it was a landscape of Jim Corbett sanctuary called Sitavani and we felt horrible that we were fooled by the gypsy drivers. Though it was the wrong forest it was pretty and the way the roads went through the river managed to give us a thrill. We also did see a giant and very beautiful hornbill, which is rarely spotted, even in the core area of Jim Corbett.

Kumaon Regiment Farms (view from or porch)

The first day being a little disappointed we tried our level best to see the core area of Jim Corbett. After talking to another man, this time confirming his authenticity we were able to acquire passes for a next morning trip. The next day, Day 3, we entered the core area of Jim Corbett through Durgadevi gate.

The Durgadevi Gate. (Legit one!)

The roads twisted and turned and made us jump off our seats. The forest surprised us by its awestrucking beauty. After a roller coaster ride we stopped at a tower in front of which flowed a river. Inside the river we could see fishes, to our surprise not a single fish was moving, we thought they were all dead. To confirm our suspicion we threw a rock and were relieved that the fish reacted by making a move thinking the rock was something to eat. After spending about five to ten minutes we spotted two dears eating their breakfast. After one was finished he slowly found his was to the river to drink water.

River Which Fed The Deer
Beautiful View of Jim Corbett

After which we headed back for the entrance. On the way we saw a huge Tusker. They are usually alone because they are isolated by the group on accusations of being extremely mischievous. After having spent around 5 minutes we headed back to the gate from. After which we went to have breakfast to quiten the Tuskers jumping in our stomach.

The Mischievous Tusker on The Loose! Beware!

From our experience of being cheated, there is an advice for all, if you decide to go to Jim Corbett anytime, please do internet booking months before you actually leave for the trip. Otherwise you have to suffer the consequences.

A Photo With Jim Corbett

After trying very hard to acquire more visitations to the core area, we decided that nothing could be done to see Jim Corbett. So we left Jim Corbett a day early because we couldn’t bear the heat. On our way to Nainital we stopped at the house of Jim Corbett who was a hunter mainly killing man-eating tigers, for the safety of the villagers. An English man born in Nainital, helped the mankind and so in honour of him the forest was named after. He had built a beautiful European style house where he lived with his sister all his life. The tiger-killer never got married and died in Kenya, Africa.

House of Jim Corbett and His Sister Margret Corbett!

After admiring his story and achievements we moved on to a cooler destination, Nainital. No sooner did we settled in our respective rooms, than the thunderstorms started followed by a heavy rain. And we ate a stomach full dinner and slept soundly in our doublecoated blankets.

Beautiful and Cool Nainital. (Place of relief from burning hot)

The Roller Coaster of a Lifetime!

Off we went for another experience of our lifetime!  An international trip! Yayy! Numerous butterflies were in my stomach, when the plane hit the runway from Hyderabad airport. Falling into a deep sleep, we did not realise when the Sharjah Airport arrived. Once off on the Sharjah airport there was no stopping. It was hot, burning hot. But the heat could not stop us from enjoying the view we had. We got on the bus and went to the airport. Immigration took ages to complete, or that’s what it seemed like. After finishing all the tedious process we finally reached the exit gate and to the alluring city of Sharjah. In the parking the bus waited to take us to DUBAI where our stay was arranged. On the way we were briefly made aware of our itinerary of 3 days that we were there.


Our tour was planned by The North Tours and our head operator was named Sayed Zeeshan Haider a.k.a Shaan Bhai. He let us know that we would be residing in a hotel named Fortune Holidays in Karama.

We had the first half of our day off. Nothing was planned. We had our breakfast and mummy, Aafreen and I planned to explore a bit of cheap market of Dubai. Walking out in the burning heat we caught a train and headed towards the Nasser Square. The bullet speed train was a great experience!


Itching to look around we ignored the 53 degrees celsius outside and started our shopping. Without any particular aim we just bought what we liked and the products did turn out to be excellent! Indulging ourselves in illegal purchases too we found a lot of cheap bags and watches, BRANDED! They call it the first copy. Copied with excellence you wouldn’t even recognize the difference between the fake one and the real one (you could confirm with my brother :P).


When the clock struck 12:50 we hurried back to the hotel to have our lunch and rest for a while before we headed off to the great adventure planned for us!

Reaching a certain point we saw that our driver, named Zahid Bhai, got down and started puncturing the tires. We all wondered why. Then ahead of us we saw the Land Cruisers going and we knew!

The sand dune awaited us! Our excitement was at  epitome! With us in the car were two other men, as strong as they seemed the motion of cars ahead of us, scared the hell out of them. As the car started we all prepared ourselves for THE ROLLER COASTER we were about to experience. 


My brother, sitting beside me was the most excited one! The car grooved on the beats of the song being played in the car. Every hill the car went down from, made us shout on top of our voice, followed by a cordial of laughter, claps and some occasional moves thrown in by me brother. The cheerful music made us forget the way Zahid Bhai was driving, instead we concentrated on the songs and enjoyed the ups- and mostly steep – downs.


The “roller coaster” was followed by an exciting and beautiful program put up by the belly dancers and mouth- watering food served by the tour managers!



We landed at night in the Nawabi city, Hyderabad. Excitement being on the epitome we hurried to the taxi stand, which would take my mom, my sister and me to our beloved brother.

Waving with the most wonderful smile on his angelic face, Shehzaan was sitting at a table with few people, having his dinner. Amidst his dinner he got up and greeted us with the most warmest hug one could ever give. After uniting with Shehzaan, we sat to have our dinner. We let mummy decide the menu. As an Andhraiet she knew what to order and also as everyone knows, “mum’s know the best.” There was one very odd thing which amused us all were the reactions we received from the waiters on how little we ordered, collectively. We ordered only one plate of rice with no rotis. He was insisting that we order for more but he did know how little we ate. As we suspected, we couldn’t even finish the one plate of rice we had ordered for. The reaction from the waiter left us in enigma.

After we finished our dinner we headed to the army mess where our stay was arranged. Enjoying the chats with the driver, we did not even know when we reached our destination. The officers’ mess was an Emperors kingdom. It was like we were celebrities and the room was just for us. We felt royal. Rejoicing in the small kingdom, the royalties fell asleep.

Luxuriating in the room and dancing too, we left the empire around 12:00. It was way to difficult to get a cab in that part of the city. Ola did not work too. Being four of us we had to somehow squeeze into one auto. As a result I sat half outside the auto, saving my back each time the auto got close to any other vehicle. It was fun though and my back was sore! If you understand what I mean! 😉 In that condition we somehow managed to reach the Paradise Square. Turning away from the divine smell of biryani,  my sister and me went on a camera charger hunt. Meanwhile my mother sat for applying henna and Shehzaan accompanied her. After all this we went to Janta market but nothing fruitful came from that trip. Walking in the streets of the city, a sense of peace and harmony dawned on us. In this multi-cultured Nawabi city, everyone co-existed peacefully and Hyderbadi’s were helpful too. A fact which then came into light was that Hyderabad was the 3rd safest city in India. Now we knew why.

Hungry we returned to the Paradise Square. Where we finally treated our taste buds with chicken and biryani. Glancing at the table beside ours we saw four women. In their plates was a heap of biryani being served. At that very moment we understood the mysterious reactions we received from the waiters.

Finishing the best meal of the day, we headed off to our kingdom. Again in an auto, with my back sore. We stayed there till it was finally time for us to leave for the next destination. In the city of Nawabs we were treated like Nawabs and Begums. The essence of royalty was truly present while we were in the city. From the room being the small kingdom to the food straight from the Paradise, everything added to the wow factor of this visit.


The Enlightening Experience!

Date: 30th March – 4th May, 2016

Place: Tarkarli, 10 hrs from Pune.

It was a relatively cloudy day on 2nd May, the day I experienced a life changing event.

Along with Awesome sports and travels, I went to Tarkarli for camp with around 24 kids. We went for a 3 day trip,during which we saw Karli river and it’s the point where the river meets the sea. Close to it was a tsunami island, so named, because of a massive tsunami in 2004, which led to formation of a heap of sand in the middle of nowhere, forming an island. On that particular island, the local entrepreneurs have developed their business of jet ski, banana ride, bumper ride etc. The place is easy to reach and beautiful rides are safe and worth taking a spin and available at a very affordable price.

We stayed in a resort called Vasant Vihar, which was more like a house stay. It came with good rooms, tasty food and an awesome view. It is located 1km away from the beach. You can go for a walk on the beach anytime you want.

On May 2nd, we went to the shores of the beach where a boat was waiting for us, to take us to the beautiful deep waters where we would be experiencing scuba diving. After a long wait when we reached the location, the instructors explained to us the procedure of diving. The instructor tied some weights on my stomach to help enable sinking easily and then another instructor in the water gave lessons and taught signs necessary under the water. The instructor and me went underwater to witness the most magnificent world which resided beyond our reach. It was most amazing and breathtaking. The silence underwater dominated my ears and my eyes beheld the visions which indented my memory with a wonder.

On surfacing I realised that silence can be so touching,among all the loud noises in the world. A huge smile on my face dawned that a life changing event has etched in my autobiography.